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Safe for sensitive skin Vitamin E With Leaf Extract


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Flushable wipes

Our flushable wipes are perfect for when you’re on the go. 


When you’re on the move, you need sanitation wipes small enough to take with you, and effective enough to get the job done. Let’s face it – you never know what the day is going to bring. Our flushable wipes give you peace of mind in a small package, making them easy to take with you on the go. The great thing about our wipes is that there is an endless number of ways to use them. Simpleaf flushable wipes give you that clean feeling that everyone loves.

Great for All Skin Types

Unlike many wet wipes on the market, you don’t have to worry what you are putting on your skin when you use Simpleaf flushable wipes. Our wipes are made with natural, hypoallergenic ingredients, including soothing aloe vera extract and Vitamin E. Our eco-friendly wipes are made without harmful ingredients such as alcohol or parabens, which makes them safe to use even on sensitive skin. Our wet wipes are made with premium quality materials, giving you a fresh feel throughout the day, no matter where they are needed.

Perfect on the Go

Almost everyone needs to use a public restroom at some point, but unfortunately, you don’t get to choose how well it has been cleaned. Simpleaf eco-friendly flushable wipes provide the perfect solution for this problem, providing you a sanitary solution when having to use public restrooms. Many people use our wipes as either a toilet paper substitute or a supplement to add extra cleanliness to their daily lives. Being able to flush the wipes down the toilet adds an extra layer of sanitation and convenience to your time in the restroom.

Our wipes come in small enough packages that our customers find them convenient to carry with them, whether traveling by plane or simply running errands around town. It is a simple way to be prepared for anything that might come your way throughout the day. Throw them in the glove box of your car or into your purse, and you’ll always know you are prepared.

Easier for Travel

We understand that families are constantly on the go, and sometimes an accident happens when you are out and about. Our Simpleaf baby wipes come in a package size that is ideal for traveling in addition to home use, allowing you to put it in a diaper bag or travel bag so it is ready when you need it. When you’re out, however, it can be harder to properly dispose of your wipes, which is why it helps that these travel wipes can simply be flushed down the toilet. Whether you’re leaving out of town or simply running errands, it helps to know that you have dependable baby wipes with you.

When you’re out, you might also be worried about the area that you have to change your baby’s diaper, or set them down on. When was the last time that baby changing station was cleaned? Our disinfectant wipes can also be used to create a clean, safe space for your baby to sit or lay, saving them exposure from dirty surfaces and potentially harmful bacteria. While traditional wet wipes might disinfect an area while at the same time exposing it to other harmful chemicals, our wipes create a safe, clean environment for you and your child.

One of the most common worries for any child is that they will be allergic to something they eat, or some product they are using, but they will not be able to tell us. Because of the natural and environmentally conscious products that we use, our baby wipes are naturally hypoallergenic, so you don’t have to worry about your baby having a reaction. Babies typically are more likely to be allergic to traditional baby wipes, which may contain toxic chemicals such as preservatives and fragrances that are not safe to come in contact with their skin.

Better For the Environment

Environmentalists have spoken loud and clear about the use of disposable wipes that are not specifically designed to be environmentally friendly since the plastic in them can do irreparable harm to the environment in several different ways. The first reason is that most wipes are not biodegradable, so the plastic film inside can cause it to sit in a landfill for well over 100 years! Unfortunately, this means you could throw away a wet wipe, and your grandchild’s grandchildren could have it impact them in the future.

The other reason that many wipes do harm to the environment is that they can enter into the ocean, often by being flushed down the toilet when they shouldn’t be. This can lead to clogged sewers, more litter on beaches, and damage to marine life, just like plastic bags. In this way, traditional wipes haveimpact along every step of the eco-system.

At Simpleaf, our mission is to provide high-quality products with an emphasis on our core values of social and environmental responsibility. Every product we produce is biodegradable, flushable, and eco-friendly. We believe that the Earth is our greatest resource, which is why we do everything we can to protect it. To be socially responsible takes committed action and intention, which we put into every product that we make.

Normal wipes also damage the environment because you often need to use a lot of them to get the job done. Our wipes are made to be thicker and of higher quality than big brand wipes, as well as bigger in size. This cuts down on the number of wipes that need to be use, making them more economical in addition to decreasing waste and environmental damage. We are dedicated to making sure all of our products meet the highest quality standard possible.

Our Mission

In addition to creating products that do not harm the environment, we take an active role in helping the world around us in a myriad of ways. One of the biggest ways we do this is by donating one percent of all of our sales revenue to ToiletTwinning.org which helps provide sanitation solutions in 3 rd word countries.

From the start of the creation of our products, all the way to using our revenue to inspire positive social change, we believe we have a duty to our customers and the world to contribute to sustainable social change. That is why we are passionate about delivering quality products that help you stay healthy and are eco-friendly, while supporting to causes that we are passionate about. That is the Simpleaf promise.


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