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Published: January 1, 2021
How Simpleaf is (and Strives to be More) Sustainable in 2021

Happy New Year and Good Riddance to 2020.

The New Year is a great time of year to pause, reflect and practice gratitude for what you have accomplished, lost or overcome. And what’s a New Year without resolutions? From living healthier, to saying yes more, and improving relationships, there are so many ways we strive to be better for the coming year, and we at Simpleaf are no different. Social and environmental responsibility are at the core of who we are and in 2020, we were so proud of the contributions we made to communities and individuals who needed a helping hand. For 2021, we want to ensure we are keeping that same commitment to the environmental side of things so we have listed 5 ways, old and new, Simpleaf is striving to be a more sustainable and eco-friendly:

Biodegradable Wipes

From the moment the first Simpleaf wipe was created, we made it a priority to use only eco-friendly products that could biodegrade. That means our wipes, made from plant fibers are certified biodegrade after flushing.

Sustainable Packaging

We love finding partners who really believe in their mission just like we do, which is why we partnered with EcoEnclose to handle all of our packaging needs! EcoEnclose is a company that makes shipping material using recycled goods to help us to ship sustainably.

Increasing our Wipe Count

Bulk is better. One of the largest contributors to waste is having to constantly cycle through smaller amounts of products. While this is why we have our base count at 25 for flushable wipes, in 2021 we will be revealing our unscented wipes in….50 counts! Buy in bulk, save money, and most importantly live sustainably by buying products you use regularly in larger quantities.

Ongoing Investigation

From the Simpleaf team’s research to feedback from customers. we are always on the look out for ways we can improve Simpleaf’s environmental footprint. It was through your feedback this past Thanksgiving (special thanks to our newsletter subscribers who get the inside sneak peeks and provide such thoughtful responses) that opened our minds to how we can continue to improve in this way


Do you have any ideas on what you would like to see from us or thoughts on how Simpleaf could be more eco-friendly in the new year? Let us know in the comments!

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