World Toilet Day 2020

World Toilet Day 2020

On November 19th 2020, Simpleaf Brands was honored to participate and raise awareness in World Toilet Day. This day aims to bring awareness to 2.2 billion people around the world who don’t have access to a toilet and its resulting health crises and how we can help. While in the past we’ve shared information regarding the why/how (check out 2018’s blog for a refresher) around this UN Water day, this year we wanted to get into the who. Listed are three all too real accounts of fundamental parts of life negatively impacted by lack of functioning toilet.


Location: Central African Republic

Even in dire circumstances, our most basic needs are the same, and failure to meet them has health implications that can shorten and result in death.


Location: Western Uganda

Education and the chance for upward mobility is fundamental to improving the quality of lives of individual’s and their home countries, making uninterrupted school time key.

Safety (trigger warning: Sexual Assault)

Location: Democratic Republic of Congo

Having to travel to use the restroom, especially in open defecation areas, results in an individual being more vulnerable and farther away from loved ones that can hear them and keep them safe.

As you can see

The implications behind not having immediate access to a proper toilet, defined as one above the ground with privacy and a functioning sink, are dire. Fortunately, for years Simpleaf Brands has partnered with ToiletTwinning to make an impact in communities exactly like these. That is why Simpleaf is proud to announce the beginning of a that we are in the works to be able to provide toilets for a community in DROC. We are so excited to begin directly improving hygiene and quality of life for individuals that can offer new life in so many different avenues. From increasing life expectancy to ensuring safety, we are beyond proud to contribute and offer a sincere thank you to all the customers who’ve made this possible, this is only the beginning.

To learn more about ToiletTwinning’s mission and how you can contribute, check out these links below.

Facts About Hand Sanitizers: Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Facts About Hand Sanitizers: Staying Healthy During Flu Season

Facts about hand sanitizers. As colder weather approaches, so do the runny noses and sneezes. This year, the Simpleaf team wanted to take the time to inform everyone on best practices to stay healthy! One of the first topics that came up was hand sanitizer, and we realized there was a LOT to learn! After going through it firsthand, we wanted to share all the factoids that process brought to us. From products to knowledge, Simpleaf has always prided itself on its ability to keep you and your loved ones clean, so with this series we hope to teach you how to keep you and yours safe on the go!

  1. Can I use hand sanitizer instead of washing my hands?

    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Washing your hands and disinfecting the, go hand in hand. Because hand sanitizer is most effective in clinical environments, like hospitals, it’s key that your hands be clean before using the product. Before using hand sanitizer, make sure there is no visible dirt or grease on your hands and fingers —this blocks the sanitizers ability to disinfect your skin.

  2. So then, do hand sanitizers even work?

    Yes, the convenience of hand sanitizers drive down respiratory illness in peak cold and flu season because they are readily available, as opposed to finding a station to wash your hands

  3. Are all hand sanitizers created equally?

    Unfortunately, they most certainly are not. Hand sanitizers with a 60-95% alcohol content are proven to be the most effective. Simpleaf encourages use of hand sanitizer at higher levels, like 71% alcohol content. It might be time to leave that colorful, heavy scented or nicely packaged Bed Bath and Beyond hand sanitizer.

  4. Does hand sanitizer expire?

    Hand sanitizers have a long shelf life, due to the current need for hand sanitizer however, FDA is not enforcing that expiration dates be attached, as they are needed immediately.

  5. What is the proper amount of hand sanitizer to use?

    A common mistake that people make when using hand sanitizer is not applying enough to coat the entire area before the sanitizer dries out. If it is not wet when it touches the surface, then it is not disinfecting.

  6. Is hand sanitizer safe for children?

    Yes, however for children under 6 years they must always use the product with adult supervision as ingesting mouthfuls of hand sanitizer can result in alcohol poisoning. If your child ingested hand sanitizer, call poison control or a medical professional immediately.

  7. Where should I store my hand sanitizer?

    Hand sanitizer loses its efficiency if improperly stored. Make sure you are not keeping yours in temperatures above 105 degrees, like Texas cars in the summer. Try storing your hand sanitizer in room temperature conditions, away from children and pets.

Along with washing your hands and maintaining a clean living environment, your hand sanitizer is the final component of maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. Make sure you’re making an educated decision in what you purchase and how you use it. If you learned something new, share the knowledge with someone who you think would benefit as well.

Why Everyone Should Use Wet Wipes

Why Everyone Should Use Wet Wipes

In the wide world of personal hygiene products, it can be easy for adults to dismiss wet wipes. In fact, if you were to ask someone off the street why people use wet wipes, they’d probably tell you that they’re primarily used for cleaning a baby’s skin. While it’s true that you often see wet wipes advertised for this purpose, they’re actually great personal care products for everyone, regardless of age.

Using wet wipes for adults for personal hygiene is virtually the same as using them for babies. If you’re a parent,you’re likely already familiar with the many hygienic applications of single-use wipes. If you don’t have children and haven’t already used wet wipes in the past, you might wonder why you should add them to your routine. Let’s take a look at how to use wet wipes in a variety of situations!

Cleaning Your Skin: The gentle way, with wet wipes

Ultimately, they’re designed to gently remove dirt. Because they’re usually made with babies in mind, they are very mild so as not to irritate skin sensitivities. One of the most common uses is to quickly clean your hands. Not only do wipes remove dirt and grime, but they also disinfect, making them a staple hygiene product for when you’re at home or on the go.

Facial Care: Because we all have faces

Use wet wipes for basic skincare. They are as good as specialized facial wipes but cost much less. They’re a speedy way to cleanse your face, but many people also use them as a quick, no-mess way to remove makeup. Be sure to test new wipes on your skin if you tend to be sensitive. You never know how your skin will react.

Toilet Paper Substitute: Nothing is better for personal hygiene products

Don’t laugh! After all, parents use flushable wipes to clean up infants. Why should it be any different for adults? The truth is, it isn’t. Some argue that wet wipes are more effective than toilet paper because the added moisture helps to clean more thoroughly (don’t worry, it dries quickly)and can be more cost effective depending on the brands in question since you’ll likely use fewer wet wipes than you would toilet paper. Though some may find such use strange, others swear that replacing toilet paper with wet wipes leads to better personal hygiene.

Disinfecting Surfaces: Because being clean is trending.

Besides keeping you clean, baby wipes can help prevent you from getting dirty in the first place. Always keep a pack on hand so that you can disinfect tabletops, doorknobs, even toilet seats. On the home front, they’re great for removing smudges, too.

Wet wipes are one of the most versatile personal hygiene products. They are an inexpensive way to keep clean throughout the day and compact enough to take with you without trouble. If you haven’t tried them yet, take a look at the examples above and give them a try in your daily routine!


World Toilet Day 2018

World Toilet Day 2018

Nature calls when nature calls. Although you and I are lucky enough to have access to a toilet when it’s time to go, there are billions of people less fortunate than us that do not have this pleasantry. Did you know: 4.5 billion people on a day-to-day basis live without a standardized toilet? 892 million people of these people practice open defecation. As a result of this, 1.8 billion use drinking water that is contaminated with human feces. As time goes on, we are essentially turning our environment into an open sewer. Fortunately, there is possibility and hope for change. Nature has been begging for help; we have to listen and act accordingly.

November 19 is the nationwide celebration of World Toilet Day. You may be wondering, what is World Toilet Day? World Toilet Day (also referred to as National Toilet Day, or simply Toilet Day) is a day dedicated to educating the public about nature-based solutions to our sanitation needs. The goal of this international toilet day is to remind us to take action to ensure that people all around the world have a safe toilet by 2030. This is part of Sustainable Development Goal 6. Without proper acknowledgment of our current situation, there would be no inspired call to action to tackle the global sanitation crisis. Studies show that even in 2018, 62.5% of people around the world do not have access to safely managed sanitation. World Toilet Day seeks to inform and engage people to take action in achieving sanitation for all and put an end to open defecation.

Since its inception in 2012, National Toilet Day has garnered worldwide recognition in its effort to achieve worldwide sanitation. In the days leading up to the November 19, communities and organizations worldwide engage in sanitation themed “urgent runs” filled with activities and events. These organized events help raise awareness of the rampant global sanitation issues within their communities. As of 2018, more than 63 events have been held in 42 different countries. These programs can be found all over the world. Participating countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Canada, China, Kenya, Mongolia, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Vietnam, and the United States. Community groups, private companies, and universities have joined together in a conscious effort to change the world as it pertains to sanitation efforts. The recognition of World Toilet Day reached a new high in campaign and publication efforts in 2016, where millions of people reached out through social media, dedicated websites and other channels in support of the global event. The hashtag #WorldToiletDay even made the rounds on social media in 2017 by reaching a nearly 750 million people.

Simpleaf (also known as Simpleaf Brands), currently donates 1% of all of their revenue to Toilet Twinning, a water sanitation initiative charity, to support sanitation education and latrine-building initiatives. All donations are used to provide clean water, basic sanitation, and hygiene education to those in need. In collaboration with Toilet Twinning, Simpleaf Brands creates high-quality sustainable products for consumers to incorporate into their daily lifestyles. Simpleaf Brands recognizes that as the consumer, we have the ability to engage and raise cultural awareness through the products we are purchasing. The products we purchase are a direct, conscious reflection of our beliefs and morals. By committing to sustainable product companies such as Simpleaf, you are making a conscious effort to further the mission for those around the world who are in dire need of sanitation support. By funding their cause, you are aiding those in desperate poverty with access to a proper toilet, water and the information they greatly deserve to be healthy.

Proper sanitation and clean water access are vital to sustaining everyday life. Supporting environment-conscious efforts such as Toilet Twinning and brands such as Simpleaf is the first step in worldwide change. Everyone deserves to have a toilet when nature calls. Start by giving back today and shop our products