5 Surprising Items You Should Never Camp Without 

5 Surprising Items You Should Never Camp Without 

Preparation is essential to any successful camping trip,

which is why it’s important to keep a detailed list of everything you need to bring on your camping trip. However, no matter how often you consult your list or how prepared you are, it’s common to find yourself lacking a certain item that would prove useful in the moment.

Camping is often meant to be a getaway – a time to withdraw from the normal hecticness of your day-to-day life. It just doesn’t make sense to bring everything along with you on your trip, but every person is different.

Some like to pack light, others prefer to pack too much if it means having the right tools for any given situation. Regardless of how you pack for your camping trip, there are certain essentials everyone should bring along with them: tents, sleeping bags, food and water, and a hatchet are all popular choices.

But there are some surprising items most campers don’t think of that could prove to be quite useful. Let’s take a look at our top five items you should never camp without:

  1. A Water-Tight Container 

If you have a camping trip planned and a site picked out, you’re going to go regardless of the weather. Sunny days are obviously preferred, but camping on a regular basis means you’re going to run into rain sooner or later.

If you don’t have a plan for a rainy day, you’re just asking for everything to get wet and your trip could be ruined. Tents and canopies are great, but leaks happen and things are liable to get soaked.

It’s important to have a water-right bin or tub on hand to store everything you don’t want to get wet.

  1. Solar Lights 

It’s common to bring flashlights and lanterns along for a camping trip, but solar lights can prove to be quite useful. There’s no need to worry about batteries dying, and they will charge on their own in the sun each day.

They’re great for defining boundaries in your campsite, guiding you in the dark whenever necessary. They can also be useful for marking where tent stakes and guylines are near the entrance of your tent, saving from you tripping over them as you head to bed.

  1. Tarps 

Tarps are often used as a foundation or base to set up a tent over, which can be very useful when the ground is wet or if rain is in the forecast. While this is a good enough reason to bring some tarps with you on your next camping trip, tarps have several other uses you can take advantage of.

Tarps can be used to line your vehicle when transporting firewood or other potentially messy items, and they can also be used to quickly cover items (or even a leaky tent) in the event of rain. If privacy is a concern, they can also be used in conjunction with a canopy to create walls that protect you from the prying eyes of others at the campground.

  1. A Tablecloth 

Most campgrounds you visit will have a wooden picnic table at each campsite, which can be very convenient. You’ll need a place to prepare food and a place to sit down and eat comfortably. However, many of these picnic tables are dirty thanks to being out in the elements at all times.

The easiest solution is to bring a tablecloth with you, as well as some clips to attach it to the picnic table. It’s simple to set up and will ensure you have a clean surface to prepare and eat your food. It’s also much easier to clean a plastic tablecloth than it is to clean the rough wood of the picnic table.

  1. Wet Wipes 

When you go camping, you have to expect to get a little dirty. Paper towels are always useful, but wet wipes are an often overlooked item that makes camping much easier and enjoyable. Not only are they great for cleaning up pretty much any mess, but they’re also perfect for keeping equipment clean and can help freshen you up when you’re in between showers.

Simpleaf offers the perfect wet wipes for your next camping trip.  Our wet wipes are larger, thicker, and moister than big brand wipes and contain no harsh ingredients so they’re perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, Simpleaf is committed to being environmentally conscious, so all wipes are made with 100% plant-based viscose and no plastic-based materials are used in any of our products.

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8 Diaper Bag Essentials For Moms On The Go

8 Diaper Bag Essentials For Moms On The Go

A well-packed diaper bag can be a real lifesaver, but a poorly packed bag can be a disaster. For you moms on the go, here’s a list of eight essential items to keep in your diaper bag at all times.

1. Diapers and Wipes

For moms on the go, there’s nothing more important to have than some diapers and wipes. Babies need to be changed as soon as possible, so it’s always crucial to make sure you have supplies for changing diapers on hand. Simpleaf for Babies travel wipes, available in one, two and five packs, are great for on-the-go diaper changes, messes, and emergencies.

2. Spare Clothes

No matter how hard you try to keep your baby clean, there’s a pretty slim chance that they won’t need a change of clothes at some point. Babies are messy, from the way most of their food ends up on them and not in their belly, to the spit up that comes after the meal, a change of clothes is a must.

3. Diaper cream

Similar to diapers, moisturizing diaper cream needs to be applied as soon as you get the chance. While it’s not good for your baby to have a rash, and you’ll be dealing with a lot more fussing if you don’t have the right materials when disaster strikes.

4. Receiving Blanket

A receiving blanket gives you a multi-faceted tool that you’ll absolutely love having. Whether you want to give your baby a clean place to play on the ground or bundle them up, these blankets are always a big plus to have on hand.

5. Trash Bag

Did we mention that babies are messy? This means you get to deal with dirty clothes, used burp cloths, and dirty diapers. Make sure you have a trash bag on hand so you can keep this stuff separate from what’s clean. You can even keep one dirty clothes bag and one dirty diaper/wipe bag.

6. Extra Cloth

Whether your baby is a drooler, just ate, or makes a little mess, doesn’t mean you have to wear it on your own clothes.  Keeping a good burp cloth handy helps you keep yourself clean while making sure your baby is always burped and comfortable. Just a little water and a cloth is a mom on the go’s secret weapon!

7. Snacks

Whatever you do, don’t forget to bring snacks. In fact, you should probably bring a couple of snacks for yourself just hunger strikes and you don’t have time to get something to eat at the moment. But at the very least, bring a couple of treats along for your little one to keep them full and happy.

8. Water

This one is an absolute must for various reasons. For starters, nothing’s more frustrating than being parched and dealing with a crying baby. Plus, water has myriad purposes when it comes to caring for your baby on the go, from cleaning up little messes to making formula and more.


Being a mom on the go is a lot of work, but it’s easier with proper preparation. The goal is to make sure you can conveniently access everything you need to keep you and your little one happy. Finding individual products that are great for travel—such as the Simpleaf for Babies wipes —is a great way to make sure you have everything you need at all times.