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Toilet Covers and Sanitation

When you gotta go, you gotta go—even if that means squatting in a heavily-used public restroom. During moments like these, some turn to toilet seat covers as a last-ditch effort to protect their behinds from legions of strangers’ germs. Toileaf toilet seat covers are made out of a 100% biodegradable and flushable material.  Simply unfold the cover to provide yourself with hygienic seating on any public toilet seat. Toileaf’s first product is an innovative, double-layered, and flushable toilet seat cover made out of a 100% biodegradable plastic film and tissue paper to guarantee protection against any bacteria. Reasons to use Toileaf covers:
  • Chronically hovering over the toilet in a half-squat may increase a woman’s risk of retaining urine; thus irritating the bladder wall, increasing her risk of infection and bladder irritation, resulting in incontinence.
  • Maintaining a healthy skin barrier and using good hand hygiene may be more important than toilet seat covers to reduce your risk of exposure to pathogens
  • There is some intuitive appeal to covering a public toilet seat before sitting down.
  • In order for your bladder to completely empty, these muscles must be relaxed. However, when hovering over the toilet the pelvic floor muscles may still be 30 to 40 percent engaged.
  • In a squat position designed for bowel elimination, your knees are closer to your torso, which changes the position of your intestinal organs and musculature.
Learn more about Toileaf here: https://simpleafbrands.com/about-us/

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